What is Konnect

An idea 5 years in the making

Konnect began with a passion for travel and the joy of sharing personal stories and advice with amazing new friends we’ve met along the way. One day the thought hit us that wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way for travelers to share their experiences? Years later, and after many, many late nights and failed prototypes, ViaKonnect was born. We want Konnect to be a travel community-driven platform that helps people develop experiences and maybe make even make a buck or two on the long winding road.

A community built on sharing

Konnect is built from the ground up around a community of passionate travelers and content creators. We've spent many years looking for all sorts of travelers, explorers, dreamers, and wanderers, eager to share their stories with the world and make them accessible to everyone. And we found them!

A long journey

We’ve done a lot in the last few years but still have a long road ahead. We have just launched our first live pilot so please forgive us if everything isn’t perfect. We are now testing the platform to make sure it is intuitive and user-friendly. We have so much in store for everyone who's excited to take this journey with us. Welcome aboard.